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Spas-15 MSC From Point Blank For CS 1.6 Or CSCZ

Sunny morning in my country Indonesia ^_^ . back to the discussion of Weapons Point blank, some time ago, Point Blank Indonesia launched a new weapon to play with the players, namely weapons like the following picture:
ScreenShoot 1(Render):

                                                         ScreenShoot 2(At the time played):
That's right! It is a Spas-15 MSC Latest from Point Blank Indonesia (probably in Point Blank Thailand  or any other Project Blackout, Spas-15 MSC has been frequently encountered), you are very very lucky to come to my blog, because the Spas-15 MSC Such can you play in game "Counter Strike", interested? let's see these ScreenShoot:

Very similar is not it? let's follow the steps below to obtain Spas-15 MSC for your Counter Strike!

1.Download first Spas-15 MSC skin here
2.Dont Forget Donwload Password here too ^_^
3.Then, after you extrack file, Rename the first file "v_Spas-15 MSC" to "v_xm1014" or not to change his name at all would not be a problem (just suggestion).

>>>Continued with the installation:

1.Copy the files that had been rename to c: / programfiles / valve / cstrike / models
2.Paste the file there
3.It is recommended to backup the original file, to avoid disappointment ^ _ ^
4.Please Run Your Counter Strike game, and buy a XM1014 Shotgun(Depending on the models that you'd want to be changed) and wow ! Spas-15 MSC From Point blank is ready for war!

Credits :
-KeenHide(Convert,Anims,And Fixed Texture)
-Skript47(Convert Spas-15 MSC Models)
-Zeppeto.Inc (Original Authors)

NB:If acceptable, do not "Copy Paste" my archives elsewhere, if you want to share, just give this blog link to your friend or others ^ _ ^

Thank you for visiting and download my file.

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